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SF Analytical Laboratories is a can do laboratory that assures its clients of results with integrity.  Our Mission Statement reflects these attitudes:

To effectively and proactively serve customer expectations with integrity, achieving quality, solution-oriented results, while being a growing leader in the market.

We are the can-do laboratory. Check to see what we can do for you!
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Welcome to SF Analytical Laboratories

See our Exciting News on our 114 year old business.  We are very excited about it and hope you will be also. This will take us to a new level of service to you our valued clients.

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We are ISO 17025 Accredited!

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 SF Analytical Laboratories has a state-of-the-art facility located at 2345 S. 170th Street in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Come and visit us! Contact us at 800-300-6700. See the News page for more details and a sneak peek. For driving directions to the new lab, click here.

Founded in 1900, and evolving through the years, SFAL is an independent commercial testing lab serving testing needs for over 2,000 clients in North America. SF Analytical Labs (SFAL) is one of Wisconsin's largest multi-disciplined labs, performing Food, Specialty/Investigative, and Environmental Analyses.

AClass_BannerSFAL is often known as the "can do" laboratory, listening to client's problems and seeking ways to help them find solutions and achieve results. This is done with proper methods while maintaining integrity in reporting with confidentiality to clients.

Our multiple testing disciplines serve the following types of clients, with cross service often performed by more than one department, as it fits the needs/expectations of each client, and their required turnaround times:

  • Environmental Chemistry (water/wastewater testing for municipalities, manufacturers' discharges, individuals, etc.)
  • Specialty and Investigative Analysis (manufacturers, vendors, engineers, municipalities, problem solving, testing special situations, helping clients with research and deveolpment processes).
  • Microbiology (bacteria in food, water, environment, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Food Chemistry (nutritional label testing, fat, transfat, sugar, salt, vitamins, etc.)
  • Field Services (courier services, collection of flow proportional and time proportional samples, fat claims, drillings, witnessing, etc.)

Our qualified, senior scientists have been with SFAL for an average of over 20 years, with some having over 30 years experience, and all are mentoring our younger scientists who will serve future testing needs of clients during the next 100 years.