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General Analysis Partial List of Tests:


Parameter Description
Ash Coal, Coke, etc.
BTU/pound Bomb method
Bromine Bomb/ISE
Chloroform extract Leather (ALCA)
Chromic Oxide Leather (ALCA)
Fluorine Bomb/ISE
Halogens, Total Bomb method
Heavy Metals as Pb USP/FCC
Lime Neut. Index AOAC
Loss on Ignition LOI
Mercury Cold Vapor AFS
Metals FAAS
Metals GFAAS
Moisture(see water) Karl-Fischer
Nitrogen Kjeldahl
Paranitrophenol (PNP) Leather (ALCA)
Proximate analysis

Coal, coke, etc.  Moist, Vol, Ash, Sulfur

Sand Analysis Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Na, K, LOI, pH
Sieve Analysis
Solids, Total Oven method
Solids, Volatile
Sulfide SW 846 (solid samples, total)
Sulfur, total Bomb method
Surface Tension DuNouy method
TRPH IR Method
Total Halogens as Cl Bomb method
Viscosity Brookfield
Volatile matter Coal, coke, ect.
Water Karl-Fischer
Water Distillation
pH Solid samples




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